hello. im audrey
i like people who are in tune with their emotions, even if they are extreme.

i overanalyse, to try and create understandings in my world.

its easy to seduce my mind, but see my soul and im yours forever.

”“a word of warning- you may grow to love [a] person, but remember they are not yours to keep. Their purpose isnt to save you, but to show you how to save yourself.” -lang leav

one day ill save myself


eat your veggies




eat your veggies


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When you come out as trans, people sometimes take a while to adjust to your new pronouns, or don’t quite understand.

So we launched a new campaign to help! An article that introduces the topic, a video with a rundown from trans young people, and a web app where you can learn and practice pronouns!

Here’s our easy way to help your friends and family get your pronouns right and understand why it’s important.

wooo you go minus 18

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